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Latvian Memorial Park in the Catskills
Office address: PO box 8, Elka Park, NY 12427, Cemetery address: 414 Bloomer Road, Tannersville, NY 12485, USA, USA

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How can one find a burial or urn niche location?
Please contact us by e-mail, phone or regular mail, give as much information as possible - at least the complete name, date of death, and we will search for it. Printed lists are available during Burial ceremonies in May and October. Maps are available here.

Are gravesites and urn spaces available?

Yes, we have a spaces for urns available in many parts of the cemetery and also some in-ground spaces for burials (caskets)
. Please contact us ( / 518-589-5597). The rate as of July 1, 2020 for urns currently is $730; pricing for graves is $1050.

What is the process to reserve space at the cemetery?
We encourage a visit to the cemetery to choose the space the best suits your needs. Please contact us ( / 518-589-5597) to confirm availability per specific section. To reserve a space, choose a space with the cemetery administration, complete an application form and send in the payment. Once payment is received in full, the reservation is considered complete. We will forward a payment receipt, that also serves as an space ownership document. (The Latvian Memorial Park will hold a reservation at the invoice pricing for 1 year, if payment is not made in full within a years time, we reserve the right to reprice at current pricing or refund the deposit and re-allocate the space.) The rate for urns currently is $730; pricing for graves is $1050.
Any additional costs?
For urn spaces the cost for a bronze memorial plaque is $275. This is usually paid at the time of death and is not part of the reservation. We can suggest a text for the plaque and will coordinate the text and plaque production with the family. Besides the name and birth and death dates, we suggest also adding the birth and death places. Some add a maiden name, degree, profession or a simple message. We will provide a "proof" for the plaque and, once signed by the family, it will go to production and then be mounted on the urn niche wall. The production time is about 2 months.
For graves - our cemetery regulations require a vault where to put the casket into the ground. The funeral home usually arranges the vault, we can provide additional information. Similarly to the plaque, we will help coordinate the text on the gravestone with the family. Gravestone cost is currently at $650 - $850. The production time is 1-2 months.

Is participation in the common Burial ceremonies required?

An urn or grave reservation at the Latvian Memorial Park includes participation in the semi-annual burial ceremonies, but if the wishes of the family are to have a separate ceremony, that can be done. We can  help arrange a priest and help with funeral repast. Please note that a seperate ceremony would have additional costs.

What types of urns are acceptable? Do you sell urns?

The Latvian Memorial Park has outdoor urn niches. As such the variations in temperature and other conditions has shown that the best urns are of metal and we suggest bronze - as thick as possible! Although wooden urns are often nicely crafted, they do not last long and, as of March 10, 2015, the cemetery will no longer accept wook urns for niche placement. (Wooden urns for in-ground burial are still acceptable.) Currently, the ceremony does not sell urns. They can be purchased through funeral homes or by the online stores. Recommended urn size of 8 "x 8" x 10 (length x width x height). Please engrave the deceased's name and birth and death dates.

A loved one has recently passed away. What do I need to do?

If the deceased had a reservation at the Latvian Memorial Park, please locate the documents from the Latvian Memorial Park that would have the space number
. If you cannot locate them, please contact us, we can often quickly verify the information. If a space need to be purchased, we can quickly arrange that. The Latvian Memorial Park has two common Burial Ceremonies per year - in May or October. Please contact us so that we can register the death in our records and register the deceased for the ceremony. Required documents are the death certificate (copy acceptable) and the cremation certificate (original preferred). We would coordinate the bronze memorial plaque or gravestone production with the family. Please contact us ( / 518-589-5597), and either by email or by telephone we will be able to arrange what is needed!
For the Burial ceremonies, we encourage families to come between 10-11 in the morning, check the registration list on the cemetery bulletin board and then go to the reserved space. The urn blessing ceremony starts at 12 pm.
The Latvian Memorial Park that urns are sent to the cemetery in advance of the ceremony, if possible, but if the family wishes, they can also be brought on the day of the ceremony. If you send, please send to: Latvian Memorial Park, PO Box 8, Elka Park, NY 12427. The United States Postal Service accepts urns (as far as we know FedEx and UPS does not). If sending from Canada, a private courier service provides this service, please contact us for more information.

Do next of kin need to be present at the ceremony?
There are instances the family is not able to attend the Burial ceremony. The Latvian Memorial Park will receive, arrange for the blessing, plaque and will place the urn as a service to the family. Of course, wthe Latvian Memorial Park welcomes all to attend the Burial ceremonies.

How can I get map to the cemetery?
See. Chapter left the grave plans. Here are almost all the grave plans. Pdf format. You can reload them onto your computer or printed out as needed.

What is the flower "policy" in the Cemetery in the Catskills?

The Latvian Memorial Park welcomes cut flowers and potted flowers and plants. Since the cemetery is not protected from the winds and rains, we recommend low clay pots (not tall vases that can fall over in the wind and rain). Flowers may be planted in the front of graves - up to 6 inches from the front of the headstone. We urge to refrain from plastic flowers or decorations, we will remove them (solar lights are ok, but we will remove them in the winter as well).

When is the Latvian Memorial Park open?
The cemetery itself is always open. The office does not maintain regular hours but appointments can be set  by telephone or email. We encourage you to contact by email: first, but for more urgent matters by telephone. Our office number (518) 589-5597 accepts messages and there is also a telephone number recorded there for matters needing immediate attention. Please do not hesitate to call that number!

Urns may be brought to the cemetery office most days. They will be accepted by the caretaker of Rota (82 Rota Road, Elka Park, NY 12427). We suggest a call in advance to pre-arrange a time: (518) 589-9878.

What are the future plans of the Latvian Memorial Park?

The cemetery is looking to expand and purchase a piece of property adjacent to the cemetery. We would create additional in-ground spaces and perhaps an urn niche. Please check back for information about the progress of this project!